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Our Members

Margaret Wagner (Coordinator)

Doris Dady (Conductor)

Anna Wiley (Director)

Maureen Harkins

Carol Corbett

Chris Franklin

Lee Gilmartin

Donna Badamo

Christine Carricato

Samar(Sammie) Awad

Jennifer Keegan

Dan Guarino

Theresa Trainor

Lisa Scotti

Mason Porretto

Judy Zackiewitz

Gerri Canning


The New Life Choir was founded in October 2015 by Margaret Wagner and Doris Dady.

Broad Channel had been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and this close-knit community was just starting to rebuild.  Margaret and Doris were looking for a way to reunite those who weathered the storm and those returning home to rebuild.


The Choir is part of the rebuilding process, bringing New Life to the community, and giving thanks to God for seeing them safely through the storm.

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